Hotel Transylvania Season 2 Episode 26 -What Lycidias Beneath


Watch full Hotel Transylvania Season 2 Episode 26 full HD online. Cartoon video Hotel Transylvania Episode 52 online for free in HD. Mavis attempts to perform the Vamp Stamp, a move made infamous by her ancestor, Lycidias Dracula. But when Mavis disturbs his lost crypt, she unleashes an underworld of trouble. Dracula returns to help his sister and brother try to stop their ancestor from dominating the monster world again and release Mavis from his control. Mavis ultimately manages to overcome him by doing the powerful Vamp Stamp move. The spirit of Lycidias is trapped within Klaus' smoothie cup and locked in the basement. Dracula then makes the decision to remain at the Hotel in case other ancient threats emerge in order to keep his daughter safe. Wendy accidentally breaks the glass lantern and Lycidias' dark essence is released with the intent of causing great harm to both the Underworld and the monster world.

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