Hugtto! Precure Episode 7 English Subbed


Watch full Hugtto! Precure Episode 7 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Hugtto! Precure Episode 7 English sub streaming online. Saaya is Lost? What is it You Really Want To Do? Saaya feels anxious over taking part in an audition against another actress who was in the same commercial, especially when it is revealed her mother, Reira, is a famous actress. Noticing Saaya becoming nervous during her audition, Hana and Homare disguise themselves as air attendants stumbling into the wrong audition to ease Saaya's nerves. Just then, the third member of Cryasse, Lulu, summons another Oshimaida, using the data she had gathered from the Cures' previous battles to predict their moves. However, Saaya's desire not to give up gives form to another Mirai Crystal, and she manages to turn her usual defensive abilities into an offensive one, allowing the Cures to defeat the Oshimaida. As Saaya ends up failing her audition, but is nonetheless grateful for having taking part and figuring out her feelings, a strange boy approaches Homare.

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