Hundred Episode 6 English Dubbed


Watch full Hundred Episode 6 English Dubbed streaming online. Hundred Episode 6 English dub online for free in HD. The Diva's Love Song Hayato transforms and fights the Savage. Meanwhile, Claire, Liddy and Erica have pinpointed Hayato's location and deduce that he has to hold it off until reinforcements arrive. Sakura helps Hayato by defending, and tells him to attack while she cannot. This is a big help to Hayato and he defeats the Savage easily. However, a second Trenton-class Savage appears, and as Sakura tries to shield herself and Hayato from the Savage's deadly blast, gets knocked out momentarily. Thankfully, Fritz, Latia and Emilia arrive and just as they are about to defeat the Savage, it regenerates its pincer. They work together once more to bring it down with Hayato's help, but suddenly, a young boy appears in front of him and deals a severe blow to Hayato, knocking him out. Another two girls appear, and one duplicates Hayato's weapon and they easily defeat the Savage. One of the girls manage to hack into the Savages' head, and takes out two Savage cores. The trio then mention bringing back the cores to Vitaly. Back at school, Charlotte explains that Savage cores are almost like variable stones, as they both make Hundreds. That night is Sakura's concert, and everyone goes to watch her sing. As she leaves, she kindly gives Karen her autograph and kisses Hayato, shocking everyone while promising to see him soon. Afterwards, she indeed comes to see Hayato that morning when he wakes up. Claire barges in to find Sakura there and so does Emilia. There, a fighting match begins and all of them refuse to leave.

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