Hunter × Hunter (2011) Episode 27 English Dubbed


Watch full Hunter × Hunter (2011) Episode 27 English Dubbed streaming online. Hunter × Hunter (2011) Episode 27 English dub online for free in HD. Arrival × At × The Arena Gon and Killua have arrived at Heavens Arena, where opponents get stronger as you ascend the tower, to train and make money. Both of them are immediately advanced to the 50th floor after their initial battles on the 1st floor. There, they meet Zushi, another young teen with amazing strength. When Killua faces off against Zushi, he has no difficulty at all, until Zushi uses a strange technique reminiscent of what Illumi used. Killua is frightened enough to back away, but Zushi's martial arts master, Wing, instructs him to stop the technique. Killua and Gon continue winning fights until they reach the 100th floor. The pair decide to ask Zushi about his strange technique (called "Ren"), but Wing warns them against it. Killua insists he knew because Ren is related to the secret behind his brother's power. In the end, Killua agrees to study under Wing.

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