Hunter × Hunter (2011) Episode 6 English Dubbed


You are going to Watch Hunter × Hunter (2011) Episode 6 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Hunter × Hunter (2011) Episode 6 Online English dub A × Surprising × Challenge Gon and Kurapika reunite with Leorio and Killua at the Phase Two site. Satotz leads what remains of the candidates to meet the second phase examiners, Menchi and Buhara. The examiners declare the next phase is to test their cooking skills, much to the candidates' disbelief. The test requires pork, so the candidates are sent to find pigs in the forest. However, the pigs living inside the forest are carnivorous and tear through the candidates. Thanks to Gon, they discover the pigs' weakness and manage to each get one for their cooking. Upon tasting the candidates' food (wherein majority of the examinees simply roasted their pigs over a spit), Buhara gives a pass but Menchi fails all of them. Knowing the candidates will riot, Satotz informs Chairman Netero of the Hunter Selection Committee to make an appearance. Netero arrives to correct Menchi's habit of getting biased whenever it's related to cooking. Netero then allows Menchi to stay on as examiner, only if she participates in the event as well. Menchi gives the candidates a retest: boil eggs laid by spider eagles on Mt. Split-in-Half. The candidates ride on Netero's airship to the mountain, where they have to jump down into a potentially fatal ravine to get the eggs. Having seen and learned how Menchi gets her egg, Gon leads some of the other candidates into successfully getting their own. Some candidates are killed while rashly trying to get their eggs, while others refuse to take the leap. Out of the 50 candidates who survive to reach Phase Two, 42 candidates now remain.

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