Hyperdimension Neptunia Episode 12 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
The Bonds (Bifrost) To Tomorrow.
Episode Description:
Neptune is overwhelmed by Rei's power until reinforcements from the other three nations arrive. Rei reveals her goal was not to rule the world but to simply destroy it. The eight goddesses work together to destroy Tari and her super weapon. Rei is unfazed by the destruction and plans to self-destruct as another mean to destroy the world. The eight goddesses surround Rei and join all their Share energy together, ready to sacrifice themselves to stop the destruction. A tremendous blast occurs, but the goddesses are able to contain it. The eight goddesses survive, but are reverted to their human forms. Rei Ryghts also survives, and plans to use her remaining energy to at least kill the eight goddesses. Just as Rei is ready to kill the goddesses, Arfoire arrives and use the Anti-crystals on Tari's Share crystal, sealing Rei's power and saving the goddesses. Several months later, at a ceremony to celebrate the completion of the new Planeptune Basilicom, Neptune announces the dissolution of the friendship treaty, stating they no longer need it because the goddesses are now true comrades.

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