Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi Episode 6 English Subbed


Watch full Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi Episode 6 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi Episode 6 English sub streaming online. Twill. Michiru refuses her fate to be Hell Girl, and tries to disappear. However, her spirit goes to where she first met Yamawaro, and Ai's companions are waiting there. Accusing Ai of bringing her there, she is informed that it was actually the Lord of Hell who arranged everything. Mirichu says that she's never seen him before, and tries to run away again, and which Ai's companions comment that she won't be able to run away forever, as there's only one way exit. Meanwhile, the client in question is Yui Aihara, who seems to be living a good life with her boyfriend, Tetsuya Yoshioka, who has the Hell mark on his chest, indicating that he's sent someone to hell before. She keeps visiting the Hell Correspondence and writing "Soon", but never submits a name. Tetsuya proposes to Yui, but she isn't completely happy, as seen by the fact that her father is in the hospital for being attacked by some drunk men when he was working delivering food. It is revealed that Yui purposefully got close to Tetsuya because she recognized him from the trial to get more information about what happened. Tetsuya tells her what happened that day, and that while he and four other men were drunk and going along, two of them attacked Yui's father. He tried to stop them, and they paid him no heed, and the leader was Kazuomi Kogure, the current president of the company they both work at, and the man who confessed was just an acquaintance of Kazuomi, who was paid to take the fall by Kazuomi's father. While Yui tries to access the Hell Correspondence, Tetsuya takes the phone away from her because he doesn't want her to go to Hell too, and explains to her that he sent the other man involved in the beating of her father, Suzumura, to Hell, because Suzumura raped his sister, who hangs herself and explaining everything to Tetsuya in a note. Because of that, he sent Suzumura to Hell, and as he doesn't want Yui to have to go to Hell like he will one day, he tells her he will go to the police the next day so that Kazuomi can face legal punishment. Yui ends up going to Hell Correspondence anyways, and instead of Ai, it is Michiru who shows up as Hell Girl, and Yamawaro becomes the straw doll for her. At the very end, Michiru seems to be at peace with the fact that she is now Hell Girl, and when Satoshi (from the previous epsiode) tries to put his own name in the Hell Correspondence, she tells him to be strong at they'll meet in Heaven. Ai and her companions reflect over what has happened, with Hone-Onna and Ren joking that Yamawaro has "dumped" Kikuri for Michiru.

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