Joker Game Episode 4 English Dubbed


Watch full Joker Game Episode 4 English Dubbed streaming online. Joker Game Episode 4 English dub online for free in HD. City of Temptation After Captain Oikawa assigns Sergeant Honma to discover a supposed spy within the Shanghai Military Police, Oikawa's home is bombed, as was a Japanese business a few days ago. At the crime scene, Honma meets Shiozuka, whom he had once investigated for his affiliation with an anti-Japanese magazine. Shiozuka tells Honma he saw there the magazine's ringleader, Kusanagi, who may be involved on it because of his anti-Japanese feeling. Honma follows Kusanagi to a casino, where Honma solves the mystery; in fact, Oikawa himself bombed his home to cover his opium traffic. When a corporal, Miyata, discovered this, Oikawa paid a boy he met in the casino to kill him. Then the exploded the building to kill the boy. A private, Yoshino, kills Oikawa, revenging the death of the boy he loved. In the end, Shiozuka is revealed to be D-Agency's Fukumoto.

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