Kaidan Restaurant Episode 1 English Subbed


Watch full Kaidan Restaurant Episode 1 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Kaidan Restaurant Episode 1 English sub streaming online. Thriller Restaurant : The Kikimora's Puppet : She's Gone Forever... The meal in this episode is introduced by Garçon himself. Thriller Restaurant Ako is daydreaming during school when a new transfer student (Sho) arrives and sits next to her during class. Reiko suggests that Ako shows him around town. When Ako mentions that the "Thriller Restaurant" is haunted, Sho insists they visit it, much to Ako's dismay. While there, they explore the building, and Sho records the whole thing on a camcorder. Ako answers a ringing phone, which welcomes her to The Thriller Restaurant, and is then immobilized, which Sho's camcorder reveals to be a ghost holding Ako's leg in place. They flee the restaurant, where Reiko is waiting. She tells them that she was the one who called the phone, although she never said any of the things Ako heard... The Kikimora Puppet Ako's class is brainstorming ideas for a class play for the upcoming cultural festival, when Sho suggests the story of the Kikimora; a ghost, that - just like the Grim Reaper - comes to take souls, and complains about bad housekeeping. Reiko tells Ako that she should write the script for the play. After class, Ako, Reiko, Mari and Sho sit down to make a Kikimora puppet. Sho tells the girls that a famous puppet maker once said, a puppet can only come to life if it can stand on its own feet. Reiko retorts that one can give a soul to a puppet by breathing into its mouth. Sho warns her not to do it, but Reiko taunts them and does it anyway. She immediately starts sobbing, saying something is "squeezing her heart". After school, Ako returns to the classroom to retrieve her recorder. Reiko appears, telling her she will die, then attacks her. Sho arrives, telling Ako to suck Reiko's spirit out of the puppet and breathe it back into her mouth, using the recorder. Once Reiko is pacified, Sho smashes the Kikimora puppet's wireframe, effectively destroying it. Reiko recovers, but she doesn't remember anything that happened while the Kikimora had her soul... She's Gone Forever... Ako tells the story of a school that had a giant mirror along one of its stairway platforms. Rumor had it that at midnight, you could pass through the mirror into the afterlife. One day, a girl stood before the mirror, saying that at midnight, she would explore the afterlife. The next day, the girl went missing; only her shoes were left sitting in front of the mirror. She was never seen or heard from again, and when the old building was demolished, the mirror shattered, too. Ako ends the story by saying It is said, that she was lost forever.

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