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Watch full Kaidan Restaurant Episode 11 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Kaidan Restaurant Episode 11 English sub streaming online. Whose Coat is This? : Monster Mansion : You've Got a Hand on Your Back. In this episode the meals are presented by the Grim Reaper. Whose Coat is This? Anko and her mum are making dinner, when suddenly they hear someone knocking on the door. Anko opens the door, but no one seems to be outside. She goes back in only to see that the floor is covered in muddy footprints. Both Anko and Bunta are scolded by their mum for leaving them but they say it couldn't be them. Kouji comes home from work, and when he wants to hang his coat he sees a coat on the hanger that doesn't belong to him. He asks if Bunta brought it home but he denies it. Kazuyo asks them to throw it away the next day, but Kicchom seems to like the coat very much. He even curls up and naps on it,but finally it is put in a plastic bag and is packed away for the night. A windstorm rages that night, and in the morning when the family goes out to check the devastation, they see that their end of the road is completely clean and rid of debris. Even Kazuyo's precious flowers survived it unharmed. However, she finds the coat on the hanger, and panics. She throws it away again. When they want to set off, Kouji misses his bus, and the umbrella holder falls over when Bunta and Anko go out the door. Later Kouji sees that the bus was in an accident, and Anko and Bunta are the only ones with an umbrella when it starts to rain. Anko tells it to Sho in school, who notes that everything went well, and she shouldn't be afraid, as it might as well be a Zashiki-warashi, a friendly deity or spirit who protects the house it dwells in and the others who live there. However, Anko says that she thought that Zashiki-warashi - warashi being an archaic word for child - took the form of children, but the coat and the footprints would very well match a grown man. Then Sho tells her about a slavic house spirit who takes the form of a large elderly man. When she gets home, she finds her mum completely freaked out by the coat, although it has saved her again by putting pillows on the ground to where she would fall down from the stairs. She demands that Kouji burns it somewhere, but is too afraid to stay at home until then and goes with him. The children and Kicchom also go with them. Kouji tries to drive in the pouring rain, but can hardly see anything in the darkness. They almost get hit by a truck, but the coat flies off, blocks the truck's headlight and prevent it from blinding Kouji so that Kouji could evade the crash last minute. Anko gets out of the car and sees the coat fly off. She smiles and says it was there to protect them all along. Monster Mansion Anko, Reiko and Sho go visit Dream Park to check out the new hit attraction, Monster Mansion. Bunta wants to go with them and is allowed too, but he has to take a mobile phone with him. When they see the queue, they decide to spend their time enjoying other rides and come back for the Mansion later. It is almost closing time when they go in. Anko sits with Bunta, and Reiko with Sho behind them. They go through several rooms where books fall off and spirits are cooking cuisine in the kitchen, also familiar faces begin to appear. When they reach the ball room, a mysterious voice asks everyone if they want to participate in the Ball of 99 Monsters, which is about to begin. Anko is too scared, but Bunta waves that he wants to, and the voice tells him that he is accepted as the 100th participant of the Ball. They continue on the path, and see spirits dancing behind glass walls. Anko then sees Bunta's reflection on the glass become a spirit, but thinks she's hallucinating. When Bunta asks her what is wrong she calms him and turns back to the screen... and then Bunta disappears. Anko starts looking for him, alerting Sho, Reiko and the staff, but Bunta is nowhere to be found. They go back to the ball scene, and see him dancing with the spirits, slowly turning into one. Anko tries to go in but cannot, Sho tells her that the ball is probably CG. He realizes Bunta has a phone, so they call him from Sho's. Anko blackmails him to come out or she will tell their mum, and so Bunta says he's quitting and is ported back into the real world. Anko bursts into tears and admits that had they left the phone at home, she might have lost Bunta forever. You've got a Hand on your Back Sho tells a story about an out-of-body experience. As he left his body every night, he could move more and more easier and fly farther an farther away. One night he went too far and lost control. Just when he began to fear he might never be able to return to his body, a voice told him if he floats on he won't be able to return and pushes his back. The next morning when he wakes up, his back hurts and when he goes to see himself in the mirror, he sees a palm print on his back. Sho ends the story by saying I was very fortunate to be able to return to my body, but still... whose hand could it have been?

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