Kaidan Restaurant Episode 5 English Subbed


Watch full Kaidan Restaurant Episode 5 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Kaidan Restaurant Episode 5 English sub streaming online. The Wolf's Gaze : Grim Reaper Killer : You're Next. The meals in this episode are introduced by the Grim Reaper. The Wolf's Gaze Ako meets up with her uncle who she loved dearly. He shows her pictures from his last trip and tells her how he plans to go to India to see the sun rise on the grasslands. Soon after that her uncle goes to India, she finds out he died in the grasslands. Her father went to India to get the body and all his belongings. Along with his stuff is a letter to Ako along with a gift. The letter says how her uncle saw the sun rise and set. Once the sun set though, wolves chased him up a tree only leaving when the sun rose again. He then tells of going to a market and buying her a gift: a cloth with a tree and shards of eyes around the bottom which he says looked like the wolves' eyes. He then says how he is going to go back and see the wolves' eyes again. Ako is very upset with his death and treasures the cloth, pinning it to the wall next to her bed. She then goes to sleep. In the middle of the night she wakes up to see that her floor has turned to grass, and a wolf is next to her bed glaring at her. Frightened by the wolf in her room, she freezes. After realizing that if she doesn't move the wolf will kill her, she grabs the cloth and holds it up, repelling the wolf. The next day at school she talks to Sho about the wolf. He suggests to her that perhaps her uncle wanted her to figure it out. The next night she is woken up again, this time the wolf is on top of her. She panics, but hears her uncle's voice. The wolf then turned into her uncle. He tells her he's fine and that just because he died traveling doesn't mean she should be scared to travel. He asks her to tell her dad he's fine, then says good bye and leaves her. Grim Reaper Killer Ako tells Sho the story of the Grim Reaper Hospital, where everyone is said to die who goes there for treatment. She also tells him that Bunta saw shinigami there. Ako's father woke up with a stomach ache and his wife forced him to go to the Grim Reaper Hospital despite his fear of dying. Bunta then tells his father he'd go with him. Once they get there they can't find anyone who works there. Bunta becomes thirsty and goes to buy a drink but stumbles upon another vending machine and overhears shinigami complaining about an arrogant doctor who unfairly tells all of his patients that they won't live very long, thereby condemning them to death before their time. Bunta listens in on the spirits grouse about the trouble the doctor is causing for a while until he drops a coin, alerting them to his presence. They chase him up the steps and he grabs his father, dragging him out of the hospital. Ako later tells us that her father just had gastritis. Later, the doctor is seen in his posh apartment, where he is confronted by the head shinigami for his misdeeds. The doctor yells at the shinigami that it only has 3 months to live. As an ironic punishment for his arrogance, the shingami gives the doctor three months to live. The doctor then dies three months later. You're Next Sho tells the story of a hunter who waits for his prey. He sits in a bush and watches a worm eaten by a frog the frog by a snake the snake by a bird and the bird by him. Upon killing the bird he realizes that he's next in the chain, and is attacked from behind. Sho ends the story by saying Although no-one saw how this being looks like, it is said that his laugh has always echoed in the mountains.

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