Kaidan Restaurant Episode 6 English Subbed


Watch full Kaidan Restaurant Episode 6 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Kaidan Restaurant Episode 6 English sub streaming online. Spooky School : The House On The Ridge : Princess Of The Pot. The meals in this episode are introduced by Mecha-Kinjiro. Spooky School Ako and Yuma are sent in the forest to map the temple on one of the mountains near Yamazakura, when they find a mysterious school building. When they enter the school,they find many children who invites them to the dinner. However,they discover that the children and their leader are actually demons who eat human meat and that they are the dinner! While escaping, they accidentally roll under a bush of hiiragi, which is said to repel demons and saves their lives. The House On the Ridge Ako and family stay at a lodge on vacation when it starts raining. Ako pulls her brother's leg by telling him the story of the Phantom Truck, which drives the mountain on rainy nights and steals any children passing by. Ako then hears a broken down vehicle in the night. The noise wakes up the whole family including Kicchomu, the family dog. Everyone apart from Bunta goes to investigate. The dad sees that the driver's sleeve is bloodied, but he driver explains that he cut himself whilst trying to repair the engine. The family try to help but the driver insists they go back inside as it's raining. Kicchomu starts barking at the driver. Bunta runs to them, sees the driver then runs back home. The dad gives the driver an umbrella who tells them that he will walk to his destination. The police appears and tells the family that a woman was murdered face down in her blood that night and that the driver was a suspect. That morning Ako's dad tells the family that the culprit was caught at night. Bunta explains that he was scared because he saw a woman on the driver's back. The woman's face was all bloody and what scared him the most were her eyes. Princess Of The Pot Ako tells a story about when she was in the first grade. In her school, there was a rumor about a ghost in the girls' bathroom, however, Ako did not believe in it. One day, when Ako was in the bathroom alone she started to hear a voice saying Help's dark in here... She later learnt that the area her school was built on was actually a castle. The princess of the castle was murdered by one of her servants and her body placed in a pot. Ako ends the story by saying She must be really lonely in that pot...

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