Kaidan Restaurant Episode 9 English Subbed


Watch full Kaidan Restaurant Episode 9 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Kaidan Restaurant Episode 9 English sub streaming online. I Saw My Funeral : Gift from the Water Fairy : My Wife Vanished in Morocco. The meal is introduced by FlameBoy, a will-o-wisp. I Saw My Funeral Every day at 2 p.m., Anko sees a will-o-wisp emerge from the town, flying off being followed by a funeral. The person she has seen dies in a few hours. But when they try to document this with Sho's camcorder, the will-o-whisp emerges from Anko herself. They chase after it desperately to return it to her body, and Anko sees the mirages of her grieving family following the sphere. They almost lose track of it, but then Reiko accidentally swings the events to the right direction. Gift From The Water Fairy Anko's mother wants to teach Bunta a lesson, and tells them about the time when she made friends with a water fairy, when she was Bunta's age. However, she eventually got homesick and the fairy returned her to the surface; but before he let her go he gave part of his soul to her in the form of a globe filled with pure water. He told her that as long as she treasures the globe they will never really be apart, but if harm comes to it, he will return to take away what she treasures the most. She gives him a toy globe they got from a trip, but Bunta accidentally breaks it and panics when she and Anko start saying that the fairy will come for him. But then the lights go out, an enormous storm breaks out and someone unexpected is knocking on the door... My Wife Vanished In Morocco Sho tells the urban legend of german newly-wed couple Mark and Andrea, who go for their honeymoon in Morocco. However, when he wants to take her picture, Andrea suddenly vanishes in the flare... Sho ends the story by saying He always felt like she would once again appear, saying 'Come on, take it already'...

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