Kamisama Dolls Episode 3 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
It Attacks...
Episode Description:
Suo, Hibino's friend, comes by the restaurant where she meets Utao as she works a waitress. Suo pokes fun at Utao for eating cake all the time, to the point that she may have gained weight. Hibino, taking Utao to a park, contacts Kyōhei to meet them there. Kyōhei, however, chances upon Aki, who is displeased that Kyōhei left the village and wants him to return. Luckily, Kōshirō Hyūga appears with Uwazutsu, his kakashi, and his attack drives Aki away. Elsewhere, a truck loses control, drives off of a freeway overpass, and falls towards Hibino and Utao, who uses Kukuri to protect them from being crushed. Kōshirō and Aki continue the battle between their kakashi. An avid Kūko has seen the fight from afar and is hurrying to the scene to investigate.

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