Kämpfer für die Liebe Episode 1 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
Temptation ~Stealing Ahead~.
Episode Description:
Following their battle, Shizuku suggested that all four of them stay together in the same house as a precaution against the White Kämpfer. As it turns out it was actually another move to get close to Natsuru. The following day, the four of them became concerned about Kaede's seemingly polite behaviour at school the next day. Shizuku interrogates the original Entrails Animal, Burnt Alive Lion, about her role as a moderator, but doesn't get any straight answers. Mikoto, worried that she is "left behind", asks Akane to teach her how to kiss, but they are both seen by Sayaka Nakao, who tricked Mikoto into a trap, thus being hypnotized. Meanwhile, Kaede calls out Natsuru and seduces him, before stopping his movements while Mikoto, under control by Kaede and the White Kämpfers, starts to make moves on him. As Shizuku and Akane arrive on the scene, Shizuku manages to bring Mikoto back to her senses before they join the others in fighting Kaede.

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