Kämpfer für die Liebe Episode 2 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
Everyday Life ~I Wanna See Some Good Things About Kämpfer~.
Episode Description:
With Natsuru unable to afford any new bras, Akane suggests she take up a part time job, with the both of them being blackmailed by the student council to work at a bunnygirl café. To make matters worse, male Natsuru inadvertently agrees to attend a mixer at the same café, which Shizuku and Mikoto also attend. As the mixer goes on, Shizuku teases Natsuru with questions about the kind of girl s/he likes and some under-the-table footwork. After the shift is over, Natsuru and Akane hide in a locker to avoid being caught naked by others and end up getting locked in. Akane transforms and almost succumbs to the situation, but they are soon freed by the student council who take more blackmail photos.

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