KanColle: Kantai Collection Episode 12 English Dubbed


Watch full KanColle: Kantai Collection Episode 12 English Dubbed streaming online. KanColle: Kantai Collection Episode 12 English dub online for free in HD. Enemy Planes Dive-Bombing From Above! Fubuki arrives in time to save Akagi, shortly thereafter joined by Kongou, Yamato's Fleet, and a large number of reinforcements, helping the fleet get back on the offensive. After Akagi and Kaga receive extra ammunition from Zuikaku and Shokaku and disable the Airfield Princess' runway, Yamato uses her firepower to defeat her and destroy the base. As another Abyssal fleet appears, Yamato explains there is some strange power making events of the past repeat itself, which is made evident as the Airfield Princess regenerates herself and grows stronger. The group are assisted by the arrival of Nagato, who arrives with the entire fleet after having determined the true meaning behind the Admiral's plans, but still find themselves unable to prevent the Airfield Princess, now the Midway Princess, from regenerating. However, they are joined by the armored carrier Taihou, who was sent out by the safely returned Admiral, while Fubuki defeats the remaining Wo-class carrier, putting an end to the Airfield Princess' regeneration and leading to her defeat. With all the ships returning safely to the Naval District, Fubuki is once again greeted by the Admiral.

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