KanColle: Kantai Collection Episode 5 English Dubbed


Watch full KanColle: Kantai Collection Episode 5 English Dubbed streaming online. KanColle: Kantai Collection Episode 5 English dub online for free in HD. Don't Compare Me to the Girls in Carrier Group Five! The admiral announces a reorganization of the fleets, so Fubuki and the rest of the Third Torpedo Squardron spend their last night together to continue their spirit in whatever fleet they end up in. Fubuki ends up in the Fifth Mobile Fleet along with Kongō, Kitakami, Ōi, Kaga, and Zuikaku, quickly discovering that the latter two don't get along with each other since they are from different Carrier Groups. As Fubuki laments her experience, she learns from Akagi that the splits were made to prepare the girls for a counterattack mission against the Abyssal. With the unit arguing over who should be the flagship, the girls take turns being the flagship, each one turning out to be a failure due to their own selfishness. Just as Zuikaku contemplates asking the admiral to reassign the groups, the unit is launched an attack on the Abyssal, with Fubuki calmly giving out orders before acting as a decoy, allowing the unit to defeat the enemy. Impressed by her ability to take command, the unit unanimously nominate Fubuki to be the flagship and start to get along with each other better.

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