KanColle: Kantai Collection Episode 7 English Dubbed


Watch full KanColle: Kantai Collection Episode 7 English Dubbed streaming online. KanColle: Kantai Collection Episode 7 English dub online for free in HD. I Hate Carrier Group One! During a skirmish against the Abyssal by Mobile Unit Five, Kaga gets damaged while protecting Zuikaku, who failed to notice a torpedo whilst trying to show Kaga up. With an important mission taking place the next day and no instant repairs available, Nagato assigns Shōkaku to take Kaga's place while she undergoes repairs, also sharing with Fubuki some concerns the Admiral has had concerning the Abyssal. During the mission, Fubuki, having learned that the Abyssal may be aware of their codes, has Shōkaku and Zuikaku send out recon planes to her suspicions after the main fleet is attacked and one girl is adrift due to hidden dive bombers. As Fubuki and the others engage and destroy one carrier fleet, Shōkaku and Zuikaku find themselves caught in an ambush by another carrier group lying in wait, unable to send out additional planes or contact the others with Shōkaku being badly damaged. Remembering Kaga's words, Zuikaku bets on the slim chance of hope by hiding in a nearby squall and manages to hold out until Fubuki and the others come to their aid and fend off the enemy, damaging the carrier and sinking the rest of its fleet, forcing it to retreat into the squall.

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