KanColle: Kantai Collection Episode 9 English Dubbed


Watch full KanColle: Kantai Collection Episode 9 English Dubbed streaming online. KanColle: Kantai Collection Episode 9 English dub online for free in HD. Second Remodel-poi?! YÅ«dachi suddenly starts emitting a weird glow and is taken into the factory. When Fubuki and Mutsuki go to visit her, they discover YÅ«dachi has been 'remodeled' into a completely different person with new equipment as a result of her experience. Later that night, YÅ«dachi learns she is being transferred to Carrier Group One, while Fubuki is informed that Mobile Unit Five is being disbanded and she is being sent back to the Naval District. She is distraught, until she watches YÅ«dachi training with her new gear and learns that the other destroyer girls have been looking up to Fubuki as a role-model and giving them the drive to work harder. While Fubuki and her escorts sail to the Naval District, a familiar Wo-class carrier sends out an attack wing of fighter/bombers to attack the base. While no ships are lost in the attack, the commander ends up missing as he stays behind to ensure everyone else is safe. After the fleet girls work together to rebuild the facility, Nagato announces that, per the Admiral's final orders before his disappearance, that Fubuki is to be remodeled.

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