Kekkaishi Episode 36-37 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
Karasumori in Flames / Gen Shishio's Last Stand.
Episode Description:
Episode 36 Karasumori in Flames: Yoshimori, Tokine, and Gen continue to take out the army of ayakashi, with Byaku and Shion monitoring this. Gagin, a centaur ayakashi, does not like the fact that the three are the one responsible for protecting the site. After transforming into his true form, he attacks Gen head on with his flame abilities, while dodging the barriers created by Yoshimori and Tokine. Meanwhile, Masamori is still preoccupied his mission, being delayed with other members of the Kokuboro first task force. The purple eggs keeps pressuring Gen to join the Kokuboro. Madarao and Habuki then manage to distract Gagin from attacking. Gen momentarily transforms into his true form, thereby violating the taboo once again.
Episode 37 Gen Shishio's Last Stand: Gagin is preparing to launch a giant flame ball at Yoshimori, Tokine, and Gen. Tokine sets up many barriers for Gen to charge and slash some of Gagin's arms, while Yoshimori creates a barrier to shield from the flame ball. Shigemori, accompanied by Hiba, heads toward the site, after learning that Tokiko is travelling toward the Kokuburo headquarters. Even though Gagin puts up a flame shield, Gen is able to break through it just in time for Yoshimori to deflect the flame ball. However, as Gen attempts to make the final blow, Kaguro appears and pierces Gen from behind with two deadly sword strikes. Yoshimori and Tokine destroy Gagin after Kaguro leaves, and then they tend to Gen as Shigemori and Hiba arrive, all of the hearing his dying words. Princess releases her full power out of impatience, but soon falls ill afterwards, forcing the Kokuboro to retreat.

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