Kemono Friends Episode 11 English Dubbed


Watch full Kemono Friends Episode 11 English Dubbed streaming online. Kemono Friends Episode 11 English dub online for free in HD. Cerulean. Kaban and Serval are rescued from a black Cerulean by a Golden Snub-nosed Monkey, who works alongside Brown Bear and African Wild Dog as Cerulean Hunters. After Lucky Beast exclaims a warning about something called Sandstar Raw,[14] Kaban and Serval follow him up a mountain while the hunters stay behind to hunt the black Cerulean's main body. After receiving another message from Mirai mentioning "four gods", the girls reach the top of the mountain where Sandstar forms. It is there that Raccoon and Fennec catch up to them, with Raccoon claiming that Kaban had stolen her hat, although she returns it after hearing about all of her good deeds. As the girls follow Mirai's instructions to dig up four tablets representing the four gods, the black Cerulean below starts absorbing Sandstar Raw from the mountain to grow larger. With the four tablets in place, the girls manage to put up a filter to stop the Cerulean absorbing more Sandstar Raw. Determined to protect the park, Kaban comes up with a plan to use the boat to lure the Cerulean into the ocean. When the plan goes awry and Serval gets swallowed up by the Cerulean, however, Kaban dives in to pull Serval out before luring the Cerulean away, sacrificing herself in the process.

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