Kemono Friends Episode 8 English Dubbed


Watch full Kemono Friends Episode 8 English Dubbed streaming online. Kemono Friends Episode 8 English dub online for free in HD. PPP Live. Kaban and Serval travel to the Waterfront Area, where the third generation of PPP are holding their first concert, and meet a fangirl Friend named Margay. As the girls get to sit in on PPP's rehearsal, they discover the group is worried about living up to the standards of their predecessors. Just before their performance, one of the members, Princess the royal penguin, starts acting strange after Margay brings up how the previous generations had fewer members. Upon learning that Princess has stage fright due to the group never having a royal penguin before, Kaban and Serval drag her back to the stage, where she hears the other penguins praise her for everything she's done for them. With an extra push from Margay, Princess rejoins the group and brings out a successful performance. After assigning Margay as their manager, the penguins direct Kaban towards the harbor, where humans were last seen.

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