Kikoushi Enma OVA Episode 4 English Subbed


Watch full Kikoushi Enma OVA Episode 4 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Kikoushi Enma OVA Episode 4 English sub streaming online. Enma. Still within the mansion, the others find Ayu dead in the piano room. They explore the mansion which seems to be a former hospital. Daiko is separated and sees a vision of her ex-boyfriend who committed suicide. Elsewhere Yoshinaga attacks and tries to rape the Yuri. She fights back, but he appears possessed by a demon and pursues her. Meanwhile Daiko finds a basement but is drowned in a tub of water. Yuri and Abashiri find her body and Yuri realizes that the house is feeding on the darkness in their hearts. Yoshinaga finds them and takes Abashiri's gun, but then kills himself. They find themselves back in the dining room where the painting of 5 figures now shows three as skeletons, representing those who have died. Abashiri then sees Yuri being captured threatened by a woman in white kimono. Suddenly Enma appears and exposes a demon which had been inhabiting Yukihime's body. During the battle, before Enma can destroy it, the demon kills Abashiri to Yuri's horror. Eventually Enma prevails and leaves with Yukihime who has no recollection of the events. Yuri tries to leave with them, but she realizes that she has been killed during the struggle and there are now 5 skeletons in the painting.

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