Kino's Journey Episode 10 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
A Tale of Mechanical Dolls —One-way Mission.
Episode Description:
While searching for a village where she can get Hermes's speedometer repaired, Kino stumbles across a nanny, who serves a father, a mother and a son living in the woods but claims to be a mechanical doll. As Kino spends time the family during dinner while the nanny leaves to recharge in the closet, Kino begins to realize that the nanny is more human than the family. The nanny later manages to repair Hermes's speedometer. However, she eventually dies, showing that she was human after all. At the nanny's graveside, the family reveals to Kino that they are mechanical dolls created by the nanny over fifty-four years earlier during a time of conflict in the land. After the nanny was left alone when her husband and son were killed, the family flooded the village so that she would not be reminded of the past. The family also cared for her and acted the role of a family. They offer to serve their role as a family for Kino, but she declines. Realizing that they no longer have a useful function, the family plunges into the depths of the lake that they created.

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