Kino's Journey Episode 11 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Her Journey —Love and Bullets.
Episode Description:
As Kino and Hermes drift on a raft downstream, Kino recalls people who she has met on her travels, in particular those undertaking journeys of their own in which she chose not to intervene. Jin sought revenge for her husband's death and shot a former criminal named Ace. Brock wanted to atone for his violent past, which was unknown to his love interest named Sica. When Kino was younger, her Master, an old woman, saved her from being attacked by a wolf. Kino also recalls that she stopped at a hermitage when running low on fuel. There, she found a caretaker named Su who was caring for a wise man. The wise man explained that his attitude to life was only the result of cruel experiments to erase self-consciousness, thought to be the root of desire and criminal behavior. However, the experiments failed because his motivation was also erased. Su managed to calm down the wise man when Kino figured out the actual meaning of the "true blue sky". Hermes later remarks that Kino's life is little different to those they have met on their travels, but Kino replies that she is trying to live her life consciously.

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