Kino's Journey Episode 13 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
A Kind Land —Tomorrow Never Comes.
Episode Description:
When Kino hears of a land where travelers are shunned, she decides to visit anyway and experience the people's attitude for herself. To her surprise, when she says she will stay only three days, the inhabitants become extremely friendly and welcoming. Kino is soon made to feel at home among them and makes friends with Lily, a girl whose parents Mr. and Mrs. Sakura own an inexpensive hotel, which reminds Kino of her younger self. Lily's grandpa fixes Kino's gun while Lily gives Kino a grand tour of the country. He later has a hunch that the gun previously belonged to Kino's Master, but Kino denies this fact. When Kino considers staying a little longer after adoring a bride and a groom getting married, the citizens react strangely, but they then shower her with parting gifts when she leaves. That evening, Kino watches in horror as a pyroclastic flow engulfs the land. Kino then reads a letter given to her, explaining that the people knew of the impending destruction but decided to stay in the place that they were raised and always cherished.

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