Kino's Journey Episode 8 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Land of Wizards —Potentials of Magic.
Episode Description:
In the Land of Wizards, worth and power are measured by a person's ability to increase crop production. However, in this agriculturally orientated land dwells a woman named Nimya who dares to dream of something completely different. Nimya desperately wants to build a successful aircraft, and she has dedicated her life to fulfilling her dream despite the lack of support from her peers. To help bring her dream to fruition, Nimya invites Kino and Hermes to her house and explains that she needs the town's bronze statue to be removed from the main road so she can test her latest aircraft prototype. The next day, Nimya is issued an order from the chief for her aircraft to be dismantled and burned, due to numerous complaints from the townspeople. Despite this, Kino and Hermes still convince Nimya to test out the aircraft on the following morning with the use of a ramp and tubes filled with gunpowder in order to simulate a launch. After the test proves to be successful, the chief and the townspeople forgive Nimya. Kino and Hermes go on their way, commenting that the aircraft flew as if by magic.

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