Kokoro Connect Episode 14 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
The Days Fall Apart.
Episode Description:
Heartseed puts the gang through another phenomenon, in which their true emotions will be randomly transmitted to each other, shown when Iori turns Taichi down when he asks to start dating her three days later. As Valentine's Day comes and Maiko suggests Taichi turn his attention towards Himeko, the gang grows concerned when they learn Gotō will only be able to be an advisor for one club, meaning they will have to outdo the Jazz Band Club in a presentation in order to keep him. While the discussion turns to Valentine's Day, both Himeko's feelings for Taichi and Taichi's rejection by Iori gets transmitted to the others. As Himeko tries to get Iori to speak her reasons, Iori's selfish thoughts end up getting transmitted to everyone, which in turn leads Iori to hear everyone's concerned thoughts about her, including a harsh one from Himeko. When Himeko asks Iori about it privately, Iori responds that the experiences with Heartseed has affected her decision making, which makes her uncertain about if she actually loves Taichi or not. Afterwards, Taichi and Himeko have a talk, listing the things he likes about Himeko, although still pointing out he is in love with Iori. As the gang decides what to do for their presentation, Yoshifumi hears Iori's thoughts about how everyone has their own idea of her personality. Later, Heartseed approaches Yoshifumi and notices how useless he is, which urges Yoshifumi to strengthen his resolve with thoughts of Yui, who also hears his thoughts.

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