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Episode Title:
Connecting Hearts.
Episode Description:
As Taichi, Yui and Yoshifumi learn of Himeko's kidnapping via the emotion transmission and rush to save her, Iori remains conflicted over what she should do, but inevitably decides to follow Taichi and Himeko's advice and live for herself. As the others start fighting against the boys who kidnapped Himeko, one of them puts a knife towards her. Just then, Iori arrives and manages to use the emotion transmission to get Himeko to safety. Kaoru, who showed resentment towards Iori for turning down Shōto in the past, apologizes for taking her actions too far. Noticing that Kaoru also changed personalities to be accepted by others, Iori gives Kaoru the same advice that she was once given before and soon befriends Kaoru. As the gang makes their way home, one of the kidnappers comes at them with a metal pipe, hitting Taichi as he protects Himeko. After Taichi and Iori have a mental discussion via the emotion transmission, where they decide to start their relationship from scratch, Taichi awakens and decides to ask Himeko out, to which she agrees. As the phenomenon comes to its conclusion, Gotō is impressed by the gang's presentation and decides to continue moderating both clubs. With Taichi and Himeko now dating and Iori making friends again, the gang enter the new school year with their paths ahead of them.

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