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Episode Title:
A Confession and a Death.
Episode Description:
Yoshifumi once again confesses to Yui, but she declines since she is not ready to date anyone just yet. Iori pretends to have swapped places with Himeko to find out how Taichi feels about her. After he says that he likes their current relationship, Himeko walks in on them, causing Iori to run off in embarrassment. Taichi realizes his folly and chases after her, finding her on a bridge over the river. Taichi expresses his admiration for her and confesses to her, but Heartseed suddenly possesses Iori and forces her to jump off into the river, which results in her being hospitalized for intensive care. Heartseed, who then possesses Gotō, tells the others that Iori will soon die, allotting them thirty minutes to decide amongst themselves whose soul will die with her and giving them the ability to switch bodies on verbal request. As Iori swaps with Yoshifumi and learns of the situation, she offers to die with her own body, not willing to sacrifice anyone else. As she spends time talking to everyone individually, she confesses to Taichi and kisses him while in Himeko's body. It turns out that Iori managed to survive and that Heartseed planned out this whole ordeal. As Iori recovers from her injuries and returns to school, the gang assume that the body swapping has stopped, while Himeko gets revenge on Taichi for stealing her first kiss.

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