Krypto the Superdog Season 2 Episode 9 Face Time / Catopia


Watch full Krypto the Superdog Season 2 Episode 9 full HD online. Cartoon video Krypto the Superdog Episode 35 online for free in HD. Face Time: Stretch-O-Mutt is so excited to see the Dog Stars, however a pod enters with a space virus and infects the Dog Stars... except Krypto and Stretch-O-Mutt. To make things worse, the Dog Stars ship is struck by a Kryptonite ray. With all the Dog Stars sick, a weak Krypto and Stretch-O-Mutt must fool Mechanikat into thinking the Dog Stars aren't infected before Mechanikat and Snooky take over the ship! Catopia: Krypto is hit with a Cat-a-beam that makes him act and think like a cat! It turns out Mechanikat has conquered a planet and turned it into Catopia. Streaky finds the planet and thinks it's "heaven". Ironically, so does Krypto when he is forced to come with Mechanikat and be brainwashed. Streaky must find some way to change Krypto back, or Krypto will think he's a cat for the rest of his life.

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