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Episode Title:
Welcome to the Phantomhive's.
Episode Description:
Resembling that of a role-playing game, Elizabeth invites the main character, referred to as the lady, to join her at the ball held at the Phantomhive estate. Ciel welcomes her into the manor, and Sebastian give her hospitality. Sebastian explains in the guest room the origins of the former earl and his wife and their association with society, but he takes leave when the servants cause trouble in the kitchen. Sebastian gives the lady a tour of the estate. First in the recreation room, Lau and Ran-Mao are seen. Then in the library, Prince Soma and Agni are there. The lady later has some tea with some of the others in the courtyard, but she accidentally drops the teacup onto her dress. Sebastian carries her back inside the mansion, receiving a change of clothes. Before the ball starts, Aberline, after hearing about disappearances occurring during evening balls, requests to patrol the estate. It is revealed that the lady is sent to kill Sebastian and capture Ciel. The lady then goes back to the guest room and see Elizabeth and Paula there. However, the Viscount of Druitt sprays the room with sleeping gas, taking her into his yacht. Ciel orders Sebastian to retrieve the lady from the Viscount of Druitt. When Grell also arrives, the Viscount escapes with the lady on the sail of the ship. Grell slices off the sail, plunging the Viscount of Druitt into the water, while Sebastian catches the lady into his arms. When the lady regains consciousness, Spears comes to tell Grell of how he mistaken the lady for someone else, as they are searching for a soul to reap. Upon returning to the mansion, the lady later attempts to capture a sleeping Ciel, using a pocket knife. Sebastian, already knowing her ulterior motive, prevents her from using the knife by puncturing her wrist. As Ciel wakes up, he kindly escorts her to the evening ball to celebrate her birthday. Sebastian has a dance with the lady, telling her that he will not kill her due to his duties as a butler. After the evening ball, Ciel and Sebastian say their farewells to the lady, as she leaves with Elizabeth and Paula. It is shown that the lady later throws out the knife onto the road, displaying her change of heart.

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