Kyousou Giga (TV) Episode 2 English Subbed


Watch full Kyousou Giga (TV) Episode 2 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Kyousou Giga (TV) Episode 2 English sub streaming online. What Came Was a Little Sister. Koto recalls her past training with her master and father, Inari, a shrine priest who often goes on missions. Late one night, Koto spots a black rabbit in her home and chases after it, coming across a room where she finds the paintings of the Mirror Capital and Lady Koto in her rabbit form, and Inari crying in his sleep while calling out to Lady Koto, deciding to keep it a secret. Back in the present, Yakushimaru, Yase and Kurama discuss the possible link between Koto and Lady Koto.

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