Last Exile Episode 17 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Making material.
Episode Description:
In the Emperor's absence, Sophia orders the Urbanus to stop General Vitellius from attacking Disith with a Scolopendra Cannon in compliance with a ceasefire. The arrival of the Mad-thane fleet forces the Disith fleet to withdraw. The following day, vanship couriers arrive with a message from Walker, who invites the Silvana to Horizon Cave for repairs and resupply. Lescius entrusts Alexander with the Mysterion of House Dagobert. Before his death, Marius also sent the Mysterion of House Bassianus to Alexander. The Silvana finally arrives at Horizon Cave, currently used as a training base for an assault against the Guild. Although the Guild suspects of a rebellion, Delphine decides not to take immediate action. At the training base, Claus meets Michael Wednesday, elder brother to the late Ralph from whom Claus took over the duty of delivering Alvis. Claus and Lavie reunite with Hurricane Hawk, Fat Chicken and Sunny Boy from Norkia after David, who was inspired by the actions of Claus and Lavie at Minagith, called for all vanship couriers to fly as fighter support.

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