Last Exile Episode 21 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Rook Dio.
Episode Description:
Claus and Dio return to the Silvana, only to realize that the rest of the crew has gone missing. When they go to search the bridge, they find out that Delphine has captured Alvis and has commandeered the battleship. Tatiana and Alister sneak a transport carrying Sophia back to the Urbanus. Alexander comes out of hiding to attack Delphine but is defeated by Cicada. Ordering Cicada to secure Exile before she takes her leave, Delphine escorts Dio back to the Guild Fortress along with Claus, Alvis and Alexander. On the Urbanus, Vincent promises Sophia that the Silvana will be reclaimed. When Delphine shows Claus and Alvis around the palace, she explains that Dio is preparing for the Rite of the Covenant. Delphine indulges in the world's rarest delicacies at dinner, causing Claus to become upset about her disregard of the hardships of the people of Anatoray and Disith. Dio is reunited with Claus and Alvis, but they find that his personality has changed and he no longer recognizes them as friends.

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