Last Exile Episode 4 English Dubbed


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Claus and Lavie take the unconscious Alvis back to their residence. While Claus plans an escape route through the underground water canals to avoid detection by the Guild Starfish, Lavie attempts to talk Claus out of the mission and reports rumors about the mysterious Silvana. When Alvis wakes up, the two of them hide the fact that her caretaker Guita Rjuna was shot and killed by the Guild Starfish during the mission with Ralph. Later that night, while Claus and Lavie are sleeping, Alvis stumbles across a goat plushie. However, this allows the Guild Starfish to pinpoint their location and wreck the house. The three escape through the underground water canals in the vanship, and Alvis finally realizes that Guita has already died. The Guild Starfish discovers them near the end of the underground water canals and damages the vanship, forcing an emergency landing in the palace ruins outside Norkia. As the Guild Starfish captures Alvis and attempts to kill Claus, a gunshot initiated by Alexander from a distance causes the Guild Starfish to collapse.

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