Last Exile Episode 7 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Interesting Claus.
Episode Description:
The Silvana defends against the attack of the remaining Guild Starfish until they are forced to withdraw due to limited fuel. Claus and Lavie enter the battle in their spare combat vanship, but Claus struggles in maneuvering the vanship. As Claus has a better grasp, Dio observes him completing the Scissors and an Immelmann turn. Both Dio and Lucciola join the battle as pilot and navigator in two Guild Starfish combined, but Dio toys with Claus and Lavie by repeatedly achieving a target lock on them before disengaging each time. Lavie forgets to reload the ammunition and eventually suffers a redout when Claus attempts to evade from Dio and Lucciola's Guild Starfish. Midway through the battle, Tatiana returns to find the Silvana under attack and also engages Dio and Lucciola's Guild Starfish. While Lucciola disconnects his Guild Starfish to engage Tatiana, Dio ceases playing around with Claus and Lavie. However, all Guild Starfish are recalled before Dio is able to fire on the next target lock. Back aboard the Silvana, Tatiana is angry that Claus was given permission to fly a combat vanship and criticizes Lavie as a poor navigator.

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