Lil’ Bush Season 1 Episode 6 Haunted House / Hot Dog


Watch full Lil’ Bush Season 1 Episode 6 full HD online. Cartoon video Lil’ Bush Episode 6 online for free in HD. Haunted House / Hot Dog. Lil' Bush and the gang spend the night up in the haunted White house attic, and are visited by the ghosts of the Founding Fathers which turn out to be the Lil' Democrats in disguise (except for the real ghost of George Washington in search for his head)-- this short parodies the chase scenes and imagery of Scooby-Doo; Lil' Bush and the Gang meet Lil' Michael Moore, who attempts to expose their torture of the school cafeteria workers in an attempt to bring back the American institution of hot dogs when the school decides to be in favor of a more multi-cultural menu (based on the Abu Ghraib torture photos). The "Hot Dog" episode also features Jeb with a short-lived but greatly improved intelligence as a result of a frying pan blow to his head.

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