Little Busters! Refrain Episode 8 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Proof of the Strongest.
Episode Description:
Riki attempts to invite Masato back into the Little Busters, but Masato refuses the offer and claims that he is the strongest. Soon after, Riki and Rin are informed by the nurse that Masato attacked five male students, prompting the two to devise a trap near the campus sculpture to end his rampage. However, this trap fails to restrain Masato fully, and he starts pursuing Riki and Rin. After Rin uses a net as another trap by means of a distraction, Riki manages to wear down Masato until defeating him barehanded. Masato reminsces that he used to be treated as a fool by his peers until he trained his body enough to beat down whoever insulted him, resulting in his isolation during childhood. Masato began his rampage at high school because he suddenly started seeing everyone else as a reflection of himself, believing that he could only distinguish himself among them by becoming the strongest. During childhood, Masato was defeated by Kyousuke also by use of traps like firecrackers and a mailbox, leading to their friendship. After renewing his friendship with Masato, Riki realizes that he must eventually confront Kyousuke, while a serious Kengo watches over Riki from afar.

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