Looney Tunes Golden Collection Season 3 Episode 50 Draftee Daffy


Watch full Looney Tunes Golden Collection Season 3 Episode 50 full HD online. Cartoon video Looney Tunes Golden Collection Episode 166 online for free in HD. Draftee Daffy. Having read about the U.S. fighting forces pushing the Nazi troops back during World War II ("A smashing frontal attack on the enemy rear?"), Daffy Duck is in a patriotic mood. However, his mood quickly changes to fear when he gets a call that "the little man from the draft board" wants to see him. Hiding in his house, Daffy looks out, eventually seeing the little man, who attempts to hand him a telegram (presumably with Daffy’s conscription order). Daffy starts whining, and continues to try to outrun the little man, who seems to be everywhere that Daffy happens to be at the moment. Daffy even goes so far as to plant a bomb near the man. Finally, he locks him in a safe, bricks the safe up, puts up a wall over the bricks (chortling: "So long, Dracula!"), runs to the roof and takes off in a rocket. However, the rocket soon plunges back to earth, causing Daffy to crash-land in Hell. Shrugging off this turn, Daffy spots a demon (seen from the rear) and tells him: "Oh well, anyway, I sure put one over on that dope from the draft board!" The demon takes off his mask to reveal he's the man from the draft board, who then replies with a popular catchphrase of the "Richard Q. Peavey" character from The Great Gildersleeve: "Well, now, I wouldn’t say that" (same as what Bugs Bunny, in his elderly form, says at the end of The Old Grey Hare) and proceeds to chase Daffy into the distance, letter still in hand.

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