Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions Episode 13 OVA English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Glimmering... Explosive Festival (Slapstick Noel).
Episode Description:
The gang eventually plans to throw a Christmas party in the clubroom, but since Nanase forbids this due to the school closing on Christmas, the backup plan is to have the Christmas party at Sanae's mansion. The girls try on unique outfits, yet the guys are concerned. During a game of cards, Rikka and Sanae get drunk from eating some beer cake, resulting in a "battle" that Yūta gets caught up in. After Rikka becomes tired, Yūta carries her home with him. However, they first take a special boat ride at an amusement park to spend quality time, surprisingly meeting the rest of the gang there. The still intoxicated Sanae causes a commotion about how Rikka keeps talking about Yūta. Sanae almost pushes Rikka from the boat, but Yūta saves Rikka in time, while Sanae falls over and accidentally kisses Shinka. Back at home, Yūta is approached by Rikka wearing a black Santa dress.

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