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Watch full Love Stage!! OVA English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Love Stage!! OVA English sub streaming online. Ryōma is just finishing up a two-week shoot for the detective show he is starring in. As it was for a two-hour special, Seiya Sena, Izumi's father was asked to play as the supervisor of Ryōma's character. Izumi received a text from Ryōma saying that he was on his way home, however, Izumi does not want to see him for unknown reasons. As Ryōma drives up to Izumi's place the next day he fantasizes what he would do with Izumi on their date. To his disappointment, Izumi shows up at the door with his chaperons, Rei and Shōgo (although he did not know it, Izumi asked Rei for favor: to call Shōgo knowing that he would intervene on the date). Shōgo immediately derails Ryōma's plans for a romantic date and with Shōgo's adamant insistence, is forced to drive to the amusement park. With Shōgo preventing Ryōma from being alone with Izumi, he decides to take matters into his own hands and "loses" Shōgo in the Maze game. Seeing his chance, Ryōma whisks Izumi away (Rei was out getting popcorn and drinks) when Izumi tells him that he is afraid of being alone with him. He says he is scared of getting hurt during sex and Ryōma becomes shell shocked...

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