Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai Episode 10 English Subbed


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Yaya attempts to follow Raishin, but is stopped by Kimberley who warns her that she is being watched. Shin escorts Charlotte back to Cedric, who lashes out at Charlotte for the roundabout approach of her assassination attempt. Raishin and Henriette navigate underground and while resting, they find common ground as both were considered to be inferior siblings. They later encounter Magnus and one of his automata who resembles Nadeshiko, as well as Rutherford. Shin attacks Raishin but Magnus's automaton intervenes and forces Shin to retreat. Back on the surface, Raishin is reunited with Yaya. Back in the dorm, Raishin tells Yaya that his late parents had arranged for a marriage for him. That night, Raishin's opponent for the festival fails to show up for the third straight night and he devises a plan to draw out the conspirators by kidnapping Henriette. Cedric orders Shin to retrieve Henriette and kill Raishin, while Cedric tortures Charlotte as a way to satisfy Felix. Shin approaches Raishin and engages him in battle.

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