Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai Episode 6 English Subbed


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Yaya regains consciousness after being badly damaged by the attack, but is in need of repairs by an expert puppetmaker. At the orphanage Raishin and Komurasaki meet Yomi, the prototype automaton of the Garm series that is about to be disposed of. Yomi shows them around the orphanage and they learn about Frey's background. They end up in a lab where illegal experiments on humans take place when the alarm sounds. Raishin, Komurasaki, and Yomi are pursued by the guards through the sewers and Yomi tells them that if Frey loses during the Festival, the Garm series of automata will be disposed of and be replaced by the Angel series. Critically wounded after protecting Raishin from gunfire, Yomi sacrifices herself to allow Raishin and Komurasaki to escape. Raishin meets up with Shoko in his room and she orders him to remove Rabbi's magic circuit. The Walpurgis Night festival begins with Raishin battling Loki instead of Frey. Raishin is severely wounded after taking the hit from Cherubim, in sword form, to protect Yaya.

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