Magical Warfare Episode 12 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Gone From This World.
Episode Description:
Takeshi heads home and finds Gekkō, wielding a modified Twilight dripping blood, exiting the house. He fears the worst, given his precognitive dream (that Gekkō kills their mother) and demands that Gekkō let him pass. Gekkō informs Takeshi that the accident was actually an assassination attempt arranged by their mother. Unwilling to believe that, a fight between the brothers ensues with Takeshi now able to fight with Gekkō on even terms thanks to his mother's training. He is on the verge of gaining the upper hand when Gekkō resorts to subterfuge to get Takeshi to drop his guard. Meanwhile, Kurumi has been searching the battlefield for Takeshi. She finds him just as Gekkō is about to stab him and interposes herself at the last second, saving Takeshi, to the horror of both brothers. This galvanizes Takeshi and he starts fighting his brother in earnest. The engagement becomes so intense that their powers start to go out of control. Momoka appears and shoots a magical "bomb" towards both of them, causing them to disappear from the battlefield...

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