Magical Warfare Episode 5 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Magic Tests and Winter Vacation.
Episode Description:
A mysterious new building appears on campus conjured through illusion magic, which is revealed to be where the school-wide Ancestral Magic exam would take place. Takeshi Nanase is motivated to pass the exam, as it would give them a chance to recover Tsuganashi Aiba. For the Evasive Magic portion of the exam, Takeshi must navigate through the city created by illusion magic, in order to reach the distant building. Students who are injured would be withdrawn from the exam, regarding them as failing. The city is revealed to be littered with various obstacles, as a street is crowded with a large machine gun in the shape of a spider which causes huge destruction, but Takeshi manages to avoid it. He attempts to confront Takao Oigami, who is also attending the exam, but he seems to have no memory of him, and what went in the real world. However, the exam is infiltrated by Violet, and two other trailers, causing many of the levels in the exam to fall apart, leaving them in the Level 1 maze. Kurumi Isoshima is confused by the infiltration and destruction, and is about to be crushed by a giant robot, but Takao Oigami saves her life. She tries to confront him about what went down in the real world similar to Takeshi, but he still has no memory and is withdrawn from the exam after getting hit by the robot, destroyed by him.

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