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Episode Title:
Are They Really a Pair of Dangerous Siblings?.
Episode Description:
Ayumi uses her magic create a portal to Haruo's dream to make him manly. The sisters and also Yuri enter the dream to investigate what Ayumi is doing; each is temporarily deceived by their wishes seemingly coming true. But, they almost get trapped when Haruo starts to wake up. In the morning, Ayumi concludes that the reason Haruo is not mature and cannot use magic is because Maika keeps spoiling him. Chiaki tells the three (Ayumi, Fuyuno, Yuri) that they must get along because Maika used to hate him in the past. They then open the past gate (Time Highway Magic) to see the reason. In the past, they see Haruo and Maika at school but they both get along pretty well (also revealing that Yuri has a crush on Haruo). Then they go to further back to when Haruo and Maika were younger and see Maika is brainwashing Haruo in his sleep. Wanting to know what had happened earlier, they travel further back and see Maika arguing with Haruo and saying she hates him. However, they all are shocked to learn it's just a rehearsal for the play "Hansel and Gretel". Ayumi is not satisfied so she goes back even further to dig up some real dirt but only to see that Maika loves her brother more than they expected (as a newborn she stops crying when Haruo touched her hand).

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