Magikano Episode 5 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Is She Really a Witch Hunter?.
Episode Description:
It's revealed that the new character is a witch hunter. Later, she tries to attack Ayumi and reveals her name is Marin Nijihara. Haruo then shows up in the middle of fight but Ayumi takes him home while telling him to ignore Marin. At home, Ayumi tells his three sisters about Marin. Later, Marin shows up as a student at school and tries to attack Ayumi again but loses so she tries to find her weak point. Soon after that, she asks Haruo to know what Ayumi dislikes. At the same time, Yuri sees both of them but suspects that Marin confessed to Haruo. After that Marin asks the same question to everyone and discovers her weak point. Later she tries to attack her again but loses. Later while the two fight again Haruo shows up. Ayumi accidentally shoots the magic at him but it deflects back because of Maika's magic-deflection spell but Marin thinks Haruo is a simpleton. Later, Ayumi uses magic on a lunch box but not just the one she gives to Haruo (also Maika, Marin and Yuri) so they must compete with each other to give lunch to Haruo first. They solve the argument by tasting each other's lunch box but they all turn into children. Marin finally gives Haruo her lunch (not the whole box) and they all become normal after drinking magical tea.

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