Maken-ki! Two OVA Episode 1 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Takeru Turns into a Woman!? Naked in a Southern Island!.
Episode Description:
After a misunderstanding with Aki, Celia turns Takeru into a girl, named Takeko. In his girl form, he has his chance to fool around without getting into trouble, starting with playing around with Haruko's breasts. However, it woke the girls up and recognized it is Takeru. They figured out that the only way to turn him back into a boy is with a kiss. Inaho volunteers to kiss him, but Haruko suddenly pushed them away from each other, causing him to bumped and kissed by other girls until an explosion has destroyed the cabin. Takeru remains as Takeko, and all the girls walked away in disgust without hearing his pleas for help, including Haruko. But as he wallows and cries believing he will be a girl for the rest of his life, Haruko suddenly comes back to him and kisses him one last time on the cheek, causing him to return to normal. She explains she only did it because it was pathetic of them to leave him like this and she runs off, while Takeru celebrated about being back to normal again.

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